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Lets start this off simple and then narrow the field shall we?



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What I want and what I get can be two different things! LOL!

What are we supposed to do if we want "all of the above" ?? I collect folders, I wish I could afford to collect fixed blades, and I had pretty much forgotten about machetes until I saw my brother's SOG on Thanksgiving. Between that and your poll I now lust for the machete and the "corn knife" I carried as a youth on the farm. BTW, I term a " Corn Knife" as a knife with the same length as a machete,but with a squared off blade point like a meat cleaver. I want them all, because my name is John and I am a  "knife addict". Whew, It felt good to say that out loud !!  LOL 

I want a Rick Hinderer XM 18 3.5 Flipper with a CTS-XHP Spanto blade.

I like my ZT0560 so much that I think I would love the costly Original. 

Any Case xx pocket worn....


Folder - specifically the SMKW 50th Anniversary Buck 110.  (But I have a feeling Santa has already ordered it.)  :-)

I would like the 2013 iKC Knife for Christmas... oh yeah and ALL of our Troops from around the World, HOME!

Them other countries don't like us anyways!! No money for them other countries either!!

That's all! :)

Well I voted yesterday and it is pretty efficient the way it gives you the results when you click on it.  That said I am always looking for a good fixed blade and I am pretty sure there is one on the way!

I have nothing on my Christmas list. I've already gotten a new car LOL and we'll be rebuilding part of the house...

And I have a handmade folding knife that I'm on the list for by mr. Raphael Durand. Maybe my wife will surprise me. But I don't have anything on the list.

I've got a few knives I'd like to FINISH on my list though LOL.

i want all my ikc friends to have a merry christmas,the true gift is trying to pick the next knife we want so bad,after all these years im more addicted to the wanting than the having!

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