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...what are if any opinions of this knife do you have?

The 583-01 was my 1st Benchmade purchase. The Axis-assist/lock with the combination of D2 blade steel and a semi aggressive G10 handle had me sold. But, then there was the added feature of the Red back spacer plus the ever-present Barrage lock-out switch on the spine, that sold me twice on this model(583-01 & 587-01). I have since traded away the 587-0, but the 583-01 is still a favorite EDC.

I did hear that they already have a replacement model in process. I details out at using an aggressive ZT style G10 & S30V blade steel. I guess we should see something around February.  I"ll reserve opinions upon handling the product, if it comes out.

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I have also heard of the new knife coming, something named the Valli (I think...) which will replace the 583-1. In the Barrage family this is one of my favorites; the G-10 scales are slimmer than the 580/581, and have a nice feature...under the clip there's a flat spot, making it easier on pockets. I love the D2 Tanto blade and while I haven't carried it a lot (I own 50+ BKC products...) it's a good knife. Like most of us in this 'BA' group, I am also eager to see what's new for the year!

I didn't hear about the flat spot under the pocket-clip. That is why I don't carry my ZT 0350 anymore, it frayed every pocket I put it in. This does not bode well for my knife allowance.

I have seen and held the Volli, I am underwhelmed at this offering from Benchmade. The blade is small (3.25"), for the price they want. I don't think this knife will be added to my collection.


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