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I just got a 51 Morpho. Do you think I could use that as a dally carry knife? It is legal here fyi

I just don't know if I should switch out my 707 edc for a 51 edc. I love balisongs and would definitely like having one on me, but on the other hand, it is expensive and I don't want to lose it. The 707 is great, but....it'seemed not a balisong. :P

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Personally, I would shelve the bali and EDC something a bit more practical. Balis can scare people, not a great work knife, and for defence, kinda impractical. On the other hand, I *wish* I owned one! And full disclosure, I am sure I would be guilty of carrying it once or twice if I could. But given the choice, I'd rather EDC my Barrage than the BM51. Just my preference.

Yeah, probably the smartest thing to do. I'll have to swallow the fact that it's a balisong and I'd love to carry it, and just keep carrying my sequel.


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