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There comes a time in every collector's life when they realize what they have is more valuable to someone else and the proposition of a trade is undeniable.

My undeniable trade was yesterday. A young man I know is an adamant Benchmade fan and for sometime he has admired my 3300 Infidel. Living in California does not afford me the opportunity to carry this knife in public, so it the Brag Bag it sits. 

This year the 3300 MSRP's at $465, I paid $325 last February. What I got in trade surpassed those Values.

-375BK Fixed Adamas OD wrap $165, BNIB.

-140SBK Nimravus $180 - He had me remove the Black coating and Polish the entire knife last November. He had another un-modded one for trade, I liked this one. Actual Value now is $155.

-755 MPR $245 - This knife was actually dropped at a construction site & run over by a bulldozer. Only damage is a ding in the G10. But, the blade was re-sharpened by my knife-guy. Actual value now is $180.

3 knives I can carry, valued at $500 for a $325 knife I can't. I think I did well.

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My story; I traded a 2012 Benchmade Forum knife, 22/300 for an equally limited 580-1102 (in M390) 33/50. I've done countless trades over the years, this is the latest in the saga. Cheers!


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