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Awww man, you're killin' me. I would love to have a 1-7 sub hilt. Great knife. Congratulations.

Very nice.

I do love those sub hilts.

Nice one, Glen. That is a mighty fine knife. I have 2. One is made in Effingham and the other us USA made, prob. made by Barker River after Blackjack closed. 

BlackJack has gone through at least 3 incarnations. The first was all Mike Stewart and Co. starting out with their pieces made in Seki Japan, then moving their operations to Effingham. After that, they were bought out and suffered major quality degradation, pumping out $30 gas station specials riding the coat tails of the brand. After that, they were absorbed by Bark River and back into the hands of Mike. Quality took a sharp uprise and they went back to making the good stuff. While they have many practical and functional pieces, I have to say, I do miss the unique designs they put out back when they first started.


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