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I just picked up my first Boker knife. It has "BOKER" on the tang. Nothing else on the knife except a shield on the handle. It is a two jack

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That is a beauty Kevin. That tang stamp was used on US - made Boker knives in the 1930s.

Here's a catalog image of a similar model from 1941.

Cool! With a little reading, thats what i had come up with as well. Not bad for $3.75.

Not bad at all Kevin!

The blades look like they have never been sharpened before. I wonder how many years it was made. That 1941 looks identical. 

If yours is the same as the knife in the catalog, it is pattern number 1428, and was made from the 1930s up until 1981.

Of course during that time, it was made using various shields and many different handle materials: jigged bone, pearl, pyralin, and delrin.

That shield was only used up until around 1956.

Congratulations, at $3.75 you stole it!

Did they also use the "boker" only, tang mark up to 1956?

Around 1940-41, they added the USA underneath the BOKER stamp. There is some debate, but I believe the BOKER only tang stamp was used on folding knives only in the 1930s.

HERE is some good Boker info. Check the bottom of the article for the stamps and years that they were used.

Its definitely the block letter boker only stamp. With the crest and that stamp, it does look like it would have been in the 1930's. That makes this the oldest knife i have, next to a 1920's Case single blade hunter I got from Grandpa when he passed.

This has been a great discussion to follow today!


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