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Didn't see a thread for Case Carhartt fans so thought I would add one. They have been on sale lately at SMKW, and if there is such a thing as a bargain in the modern world of Case these would be it.

If you have a Case Carhartt show it here. Here are a couple of mine: First a Case Carhartt Double-Dyed Synthetic Handle Wharncliffe Mini Trapper, (just love the blade on this one).

And a Case Carhartt Rugged Duck G-10 Mid Folding Hunter. The G-10 on this thing seems indestructible. I frequently carry this one in my back pocket. It doesn't show in this photo but this has a belt clip on the back.

Ok, I showed you mine, let's see yours!!

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Great pictures Syd. Case is stepping out and coming up with some cool product. Thanks for sharing.

Nice Syd!

My first Carhartt........I like it...............


That's cool, looks good; I really need to get myself one of these to go with my Mid Folder. That G-10 handle material is virtually indestructible, you could use these knives hard for years, drop 'em, throw 'em against the wall and they will still look like they do right now. This series is a most economical way to get some Case steel in your pocket and they don't look so bad neither!.

Craig Henry said:

Nice Syd!

My first Carhartt........I like it...............


Nice John!

Thanks Syd! :-)

Thanks Craig!

Here is my Case Carhartt trapper.

This is my Case Carhartt Mini Blackhorn.

I like 'em both Charles, but that Trapper is downright sweet, I especially like the color and that interesting jig on the bone. Is that a serial number on the bolster?

Charles Sample said:

Here is my Case Carhartt trapper.

Nice ones Charles!

Thanks Craig and Syd!    Yes Syd, it is serialized.  It is no. 41.  I got it on a special from Shepherd Hills Cutlery.  It was 60 percent off.   I also got a COA with it.

Nice ones Charles!


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