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Love them or hate them  they are a part of Case history-At the suggestion of Jan and a few others I would like to see an ongoing discussion about the "Classics". I have a pretty fair collection, and judging from past posts, many others of you do,too.I would love to see what else is out there in the world of the "Classics".I'll start with my collection of 2007 1/2 light trappers as seen on page 66  of " Case Classics-Best In The Long Haul".This is my complete collection from that page +1 more.

From top to bottom-left to right-

Mastodon Ivory Prototype-1993-1 of  5 made

2nd row-Good Earth-1993- 1 0f 250 ,Patriot Swirl-1993- 1 of 193

3rd row-Christmas Tree-1993- 1 of 196

4th row-Glitter Stripe-1993-1 of 250-Cranberry Gold Swirl-1992- 1 of 150

5th rrow-Burlwood-1993- 1of 250-Caramel Swirl-1993- 1 of 250-(both purchased from Buzz Parker, Jim Parker's son)

6th row- Dark Blue Swirl-1993- 1 of 25- (purchased from Jim Parker ) 


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What pattern would you most like to see "resurrected" Ms Sue?


Of course my first choice for resurrection of a pattern would be the mini coke bottle....second would be a serpentine 2 blade mini and third a teardrop single blade jack



One of the aspect of the 55 series I liked best was the three sizes.  There was always a right size for the job

1993 Case XX 63083 Banana Blue Bone Whittler

WOW Tim, that is just a beauty!!

Very nice Tim!

Thank you Jan

Jan Carter said:

WOW Tim, that is just a beauty!!

Thank you Craig

Craig Henry said:

Very nice Tim!


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