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Just in............

Jigged Buffalo Horn

Worm Groove Moss Brown

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Thanks guys!

New ones.............

Blue Curly Maple 2014

Caramel Bone 2014

Black G-10 2014

Smooth Olive Green 2015

Saw Cut Antique Bone 2013

Craig ... you are killin' me!  Those are beauties ... but I really love that maple!

Craig, please stop.
My doctor just cut my BP meds and I can't take seeing all them at once.

Great additions though...
Nice, Craig. I especially like the blue maple and antique sawcut bone.

Thanks Dennis, JJ and Billy! :-)


Nice Craig, here is the only one I have.

And if you're only going to have one, that is it! Very nice!

Thanks John! :-)

Thanks Craig!

Just got a new one in, that I wasn't really planning to add.  BUT ... it was being offered for sale to benefit a good cause.   How could I resist?   2014 smooth chestnut bone.

Nice addition, Dennis.

Another fine addition.

What year did the "Seahorse" model first show up?


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