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Case/Bose Tribal Lock coming soon. I think it will be a nice pattern. Looks like 9+ different scales. What do you think? Comments? Thanks

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Your boys are lucky and I bet they will be thrilled!

It's one of my favorite patterns. Good to hear others think so too. I only have one, a nice dark orange bone, a good one. Don't think I could find a better one, so I'm satisfied for now. I would like to see Case come out with a cattle knife. Don't see many. Maybe a good topic for another discussion.

Here is one of mine.

Nice choice of color.

John Thornburg said:

Here is one of mine.

Thank you Jack!

Nice ones John!

Thanks Craig!

That green with the xx shield. Never saw that one before. Was it a special factory order?

John Thornburg said:

Thank you Jack!

You are really finding nice ones. The bone with no shield is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

John Thornburg said:

Looks like three cross shield. I might have to get that one. Didn't see it at first. Nice.

John Thornburg said:


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