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Whats the next knife you want cold steel to put out??? from steel to designs... and if your feeling artsy go a head and draw a pic. for extra credit...lol

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A cost effective bowie.
Like they're Laredo
I would like them to make the scimitar again and with the wave feature on it like the talwar
I really wish they would re-introduce another Balisong,and bring the Triple Actions back.Maybe a folding Karambit of some kind.
I agree hole heartedly, a folding karambit would be nice, something with an opposite steeper rake than the talwar, scimitar with a pocket wave would also be very nice
Cold Steel has yet to make a solid one piece tomahawk.I think either a double edged one piece hawk or a spiked hawk should be on their "To Do"list.Actually-both!

I would love to see a san mai folder that is under 200 dollars with a tanto blade.


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