The only problem I have with GEC is that all the knives that are made, are collector items.
I spend my money, get the knive in and it is just to purty to carry. Maybe you guys can make
an ugly knife. LOL , I don't think this will happen. But I keep looking. I want to carry one, but
I guess I'm just to stingy or something to carry a masterpiece in my pocket. This is my 2 cents

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I can relate to all the misgivings everyone has posted. I too fell in love with GEC and have a very hard time carrying them! However there is a great solution to this problem!

I am a frequent lurker of the website collectorknives.net where this brilliant business man has a section, on the GEC page of the site, called "EDC" (Every Day Carry knives). There it states: "Below are EDC knives which have minor cosmetic issues which allow us to discount them at a tremendous savings to the customer that simply wants a great carrying knife."

Now what could be better than that? I've seen something similar on other knife sites and have even purchased a few that have made great EDC's.
Just to let everyone know, I set up the first GEC~EDC section in our store last summer and bloomingeek is right, they have proven to be widly popular. I try to keep around 25-30 on hand in different patterns at all times. If anyone is interested in getting closeup pictures of all our EDC's drop me a note at greg@tsaknives.com and I'll forward a link to our photo page which includes closeups of the flaws. Your typically going to save 15-30% off from 'selling' prices and in most cases, you're going to have to look to find the 'flaw'.
They are an exceptional value! Prior to our EDC section the Great Eastern factory would sell the knives that had small cosmetic issues as "Store Only" in the factory store; to insure that the customer had the knife in hand and would not be disappointed by the issue. That is why they are marked with an "S" on the tang. The factory talked to me about offering these as there is not a tremendous amount of foot traffic at the factory. Thus, we offer them with the same satisfaction guarantee and have yet to have a bad word said about one.

Mike Latham
Hey Greg, I remember now that tsaknives was where I bought my EDC's.

And although I have bought a fantastic Tidioute Golden Rod Melon Whittler recently, that wasn't an EDC, Mike, I'm still looking at your fine EDC page.
Ray, referring to your Jan. 3 post, I couldn't agree more. GEC knives are in my opinion setting a standard for modern knives that have a frame strength that others have abandoned.

I collect Case knives like just about everyone else, but after I bought my first GEC I was blown away by how heavy they were built. I think Case has not only reduced the overall size of their patterns, but also are making them thinner. This isn't necessarily all bad, I just like a knife that's easier to get a hold of.
GEC releases to their distributors what they call EDC knives[Every Day Carry].These knives are "Cosmetic Seconds" and have a mark on the tang stamp. Now if you're familiar with GEC quality,you know that these knives would probably be First Quality at any other knife company.They sell for a little cheaper,no warranty,but you don't have to feel guilty about carrying and USING these knives. I have a 735109 in Stag that is my DRESS knife,and a 128109 in Natural Bone thats my "Kickin" knife.Both are great carry knives. I hit the 73 with my Gatco and it is SCARY!
Hey Bob, just to let you know, TSA Knives does warranty the EDC knives. This isn't a "Great Eastern Warranty" , this is a TSA Knives warranty. I'll do a 100% refund for any reason on ANY of the GEC products we sell including return shipping, no restocking charges. To date, I haven't had an EDC returned. Great value!!!

Greg Holmes
Hey Greg, So far I only carry First Quality Great Eastern knives at my website. And I also personally guarantee customer satisfaction on every knife I sell,regardless of brand. As an Authorized Distributor for Great Eastern Cutlery,it's only a matter of time until I start the EDC line. So far the only EDC,s I have from Great Eastern are my own Carry Knives,and the Quality is Outstanding. Bob Andrews
The great thing about the GEC's is that it's really easy to stand behind them!!! Pretty rare someone's unhappy with their purchase. I go through quite a few of the EDC's. There are just so many folks that hate to use a 'collectible' knife and with the GEC's, that's a shame cause it's a heck of a knife!! Right now, I've got 8 GEC's that have been used and thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe it's time to start cleaning house!!
Don't clean house! Just clean the knives,touch up the edge,and put 'em right back where they belong,In Your Pocket! I believe that knife collectors and users especially get Great Value from GEC. They are made to be used! Using a knife shouldn't hurt it at all! And Great Eastern Cutlery will last long enough for the owner to forget the price tag. My best sales tecnique,at a show,is to just Hand The Knife to a potential buyer. I tell them "Go ahead,Open and Close It",and then their eyes light up with that "Oh Yeah" look.As a collector,and a Dealer,I am REALLY glad that I ran into Ryan Daniels at a show last year. We'll be talkin about these knives for a long time to come! Bob Andrews
The "only"problem I have with GEC is that i don't own any,hopefully that will change soon.
Living where i live is hard on knife collecting(or just finding out good stuff),it is possible to found most of modern folders(Spyderco,Benchmade etc.,but so far i have found just Buck Stockman,and one small Case from traditional patterns)Online shopping works seldom,usually customs double the price upon arrival.
I think you'll find several of the GEC distributors will 'work' with you. I've shipped knives to 47 countries (at last count) including China, Russia, Ukraine, etc with good results. Take the time to build a relationship with a distributor and I think you'll find they'll do what they can to help you out.


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