#33 Conductor Whittler today. What's yours?

Have a great week!

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Thank you Tom, J.J., and Jan.

Hard to choose between these two thanks to a good friend :)

The top, I love that blade LOL

Nice additions Tim! My personal choice would be the bottom knife although they are both awesome. I'm a fan of the bottom knife's jigging more like the old peach seed jigging found on an old Schrade and on an old Ulster stockman that I have. I think that the bottom knife's jigging's character will only improve with some pocket wear too!

I liked this pattern when the blades were flipped on opposite ends too and that orientation appeals to me a bit better personally but it seems that GEC has had more runs (that I've seen at least) with the blade layout that you have Tim. I may just have to give one of these another try one of these days....Thanks for sharing pics.

Thanks Jan & Tom.

Both of these have some of the best jigging from GEC IMHO. I am partial to the peach seed jigging though :)

Very blessed to have both.

and a nice mellow yellow it is!


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