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Our bow season here opens Oct. 15 and runs through Feb. 10.  Our gun season opens mid Nov. and runs through Feb. 10.  So altogether we have almost a four month long season.  Basically the limit is one a day.  We do have a three buck season limit.  During the bow season and a five day special muzzleloader season, does are legal the whole season.  During the regular gun season, we have 20 days during which does are legal. 

I downloaded my game cameras this past Saturday.  Between all four of them they took over 6,000 pictures.  One camera took 4,200 itself.  Now as long as a critter is in front of the camera and within range, the camera will keep snapping pictures.  But still there was a lot of deer in front of those cameras during that week.

It doesn't look like I am going to have a shortage of buck targets this season.

But this one I would really like to get in my sights!

I don't know what to make of this picture


More fawns

I need to kill more coyotes.  I don't want them killing my fawns!

We also have wild turkeys

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I have the trail cam and am ready to set it up, try to get that done tomorrow.  Although we no longer hunt we do pay attention to dates as Case has to wear his orange safety vest during season.

Just a side note...Bear season starts Sept 9


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