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My dog Betty Boop, she loves chicken....so all her chrismas was strips and chicken flavored this and that....so the expression she had in this pic kinda sums it up!

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She's not going through the presents to see if there's something for her? Our Sophie sniffs every last one! lol

2013 Betty Boop resistive in wrapping christmas presents...

Oh that is so funny even the dog is getting into wrapping for Christmas!

Here is the look for 2014 christmas ....Man "it's a dogs life "

Case got a rope rag doll.  Always happy when he gets a new toy

My goodness that looks comfortable!

when my grand kids were here for Christmas, they had loads of fun with the boxes! Then they went to the cats!

I was told she was too big for Brittany....They felt she was a red and white irish setter instead

l.lantz said:

Is your dog a Brittany??:)

Well we lost Betty Boop to a rapid onset of kidney failure, so since we are dog people we had to find a suitable replacement...This one is Conor....He is a Irish red and white setter also....Ohio Breeder local....was hard to find someone who had a puppy and would part with one...They are such a rare breed..just acknowledged by the AKC in 2009...but we Love him already.....

Ms Sue, I am heartbroken with you about Betty Boop!  Conor sure looks like he will be a joy to have around!  You know I want to watch him grow up!

Well Conor is growing rapidly....and the Saga of the IRISH red and white Setter continues........


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