Like several of you, I am still trying to get the youth knives that I ordered and paid for through Pay Pal in April, 2014. We had to order these knives in advance of delivery, so since Pay Pal only gives a limited time to get your money returned, of course that time had expired when it was evident the knives were not going to be received in 2014. THEN we get the message on voice mail when calling Lisa S. that the knives were going to be labeled 2014/2015 and shipped by October, 2015. Another empty promise.

All calls, emails, registered letters, etc. to NKCA mailing address and telephone number and email address are ignored!! If there is nothing to hide, why not acknowledge these calls, emails, etc. WHERE is the money that NKCA received?? If Prater & Co. has not been paid, why not. We ALL paid our money in good faith that we would get what we ordered.

Not only have we tried to contact Lisa Sebenick, President but also her son Chase Broyles, Secretary/Treasurer. The registered letter we sent to him was never picked up, so of course it was never answered. I have contacted the Attorney General's office in Tennessee and am still actively working with them. Hopefully more of you will contact them also.

Since I live in Missouri and frequent the Shepherd Hills Cutlery outlet stores, I noticed in the catalog that there was a knife with signatures of Tony Bose and Lisa Sebenick, on the blade. I saw on their website that the proceeds from the sale of this knife will go to help NKCA. I did purchase one of these knives. The signatures ARE on the blade but no where on the knife is NKCA mentioned. I also wrote to Tony Bose about the NKCA situation but received NO reply from him either.

Thank you for letting me expound on this matter and vent my frustrations. I at least know I am not alone on this ship.

Jerry Norbury

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WoW ! I just read this and I am speechless ! I am sorry Jerry, for you and anyone else that has to deal with an organization that basically, Screwed YOU ! What really bothered me about reading this, is the fact that another knife has been produced since your ordeal, and sold ! I hope that you get  what you PAID for,or, something equivalent at least ! I am just an Iknife member (for quite awhile) and am saddened to hear this is happening .An explanation is deserved at the least !  (ADD ON thought) I guess when you deal with straight up people like Jan, Mike ,Greg...for  so long, without any incident or problems, you forget that this does happen from time to time with some companies.Once again... I am sorry to hear this is happening to you, and I hope you get satisfied soon !

I mentioned this in a different post on ikc, but I'll post it here also for folks to read.  After many months of trying to get some answers, I finally texted back and forth with Lisa in Nov 2015.  She confirmed that the NKCA is in fact out of business, however she said that she is still making attempts to pay off past due debt, and then get the knives made for the members who pre-paid for the Club or Youth knives.  Also, the knives are supposed to be made as a 2014/2015 combo knife, representing the last 2 years the NKCA was in business.  She would not give me an expected date of when she thinks the knives would be made or shipped to members.  She also mentioned that she was selling off her personal knife collection in hopes of raising funds to make this happen.

I'm not sure if everything she said is factual, or if she was telling me what I wanted to hear.  I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope I'll get my knife sometime in 2016.  But after 2 years of waiting after I paid in full, it seems doubtful.

I would like to keep this discussion going but would prefer it stayed in one place, I don't want folks to miss the various parts of it going on.

The discussion prior to this one is here


Thank you Jan, being new to this forum, I thought my message was in the correct place. I will move it if possible as a reply to the previous conversations. Thanx for your help.


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