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This is a blade-marked WWII Mark 2. These are great knives that are still being copied as reproductions today. today. This is the 'real deal', with pinned pommel.

Hope you enjoy.

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Great knife. I'd have to argue your pint about them being reproduced. The one I used isn't the army in the 1980s wasn't a re-pop. It was just a current production version.

The same goes for those Camillus Mil-K utility pocket knives and linesmen knives. They remained in use and under contract for the military well after WWII. To call them re-pops is not accurate. I have WWII issued knives as well as knives I purchased from the Class II store on post and used while in the Army. Both types are the "real deal."
It only becomes a fake when you try to pass off a current production as a World War II original.

For collectors, all Mark 2's produced after WWII are considered reproductions (of the original WWII) even when made by the manufacturer who made then during the War. This is not done to belittle new production knives.

You can tell current from WWII production by checking out the maker's mark on the blade. Current production (after WWII) knives place US over the manufacturer's name.


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