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Here is a place where you can show off your Marbles Knives. I have just a few and I don't see any of the bone handle material on any other brands. I have seen some new handles on the Marbles coming out since they filed Bankruptcy and SMKW  purchased the rights to them. I especially like the USA made Marbles from Gladstone, MI which are rare and hard to find. If you like Marbles knives, here is a place to show them off.Here is a green stag bone sunfish.

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I'm rather fond of these 


  The top one was my maternal grandfathers .. the lower unit is my camping axe.

Here's a reproduction by PKCS


This is an old Woodcraft 

she's seen her better days .. nonetheless, a very nice knife !!!



Here's a 4.25 Safety Folding Hunter in stag & bad need of repair



'n I simply like this pic


I really like Marbles knives. And I like what SMKW has done with the new ones. I'll get some once I get pretty caught up with all the Rough Rider knives I want.

man love the axes,and the knives love them...thanks tom  

good looking knife..

I have a couple of swing guards in Marbles brand.
Wow Dale. I love the old Marbles knives and axes. Those are great.

This is a lighter red with a different shield.

Here's an interesting one.


White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

Visit Lee' s Cutlery

gear2survive !


Boy's Knife is HERE


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JSR Sports!


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