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I like the Remington knives - but they are quite pricey. Even the year knives can get expensive. But they are fun to collect and I really enjoy the ones I have.

Show some pics of your Remingtons. Does anyone have the complete set of Year Knives?

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Couldn't get the comments on the above pics but they are: 88, 91, 99, 93, 94, & 95

A fine collection of Remington knives. I don't have many but I'll try post a picture of mine. Thanks for posting the pictures, we enjoy them.

Robert, post what you have, would love to see them. Pictures are neat - I think everyone likes to see a photo of a knife. We all enjoy them.

Remington Cattle Knife R4223 - Old

Let's try and get pics of all the Remington Year Knives from 1982-Present. I have 88,91,93,94,95,99 as shown in this post. I have 97 on the way and am dealing for a few others at present. Post what you have - I would sure like to see the entire set on this post. I know Billy has several, and Robert has some.

Here is my earliest one: Remington 1988 Muskrat R4466

I love that one Ken. I still haven't a picture up, I'll try.

Yes, I think it would be neat to get all of the year knives in photo right here on this site. I'll probably never get the complete set but at least we could have pics of it.

Check out some of the earlier pages. You may find a lot of Bullet knives there.

Robert, where would I find earlier pages???


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