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Of course I'm talking about the Swiss Champ. Sometimes called a toolbox for your pocket, the 3 1/2" Swiss Champ packs an impressive 33 implements, but is still compact enough to fit in your pocket or purse and can be used anywhere from the great outdoors to anywhere in the home.  Made in Switzerland and carries a lifetime warranty.

And it happens to be my latest Ebay acquisition, won with a winning bid for considerably less than half of what it would normally cost.

Here is the impressive list of tools:

  1. large blade 
  2. small blade 
  3. corkscrew 
  4. can opener with
  5. -small screwdriver
  6. cap lifter with
  7. -screwdriver
  8. -wire stripper
  9. reamer 
  10. key ring  
  11. tweezers 
  12. scissors 
  13. toothpick 
  14. multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier) 
  15. wood saw 
  16. fish scaler with
  17. -hook disgorger
  18. -ruler (cm + inches)
  19. nailfile with
  20. -metal file
  21. -nail cleaner
  22. -metal saw
  23. fine screwdriver 
  24. chisel/scraper 
  25. pliers with
  26. -wire crimping tool
  27. -wire cutters
  28. Phillips screwdriver  
  29. magnifying glass 
  30. ballpoint pen 
  31. pin stainless 
  32. mini-screwdriver 
  33. sewing eye 

And here are some photographs:

It also came with the very nice optional leather sheath, pictured above. It will now become part of my daily carry, replacing a Swiss Champion which packs the same tool set but lacks the pliers that are found on the Champ.

Here is a picture of some of my Swiss Army Knives resting in their assigned drawer:

I would love to see some pictures of your Swiss Army Knives, whether they be Victorinox or Wenger. In my humble opinion these knives are some of the best, most useful, tools ever produced. Their quality is always superb and, even if it's just a Victorinox Classic, you can usually find one in darned near every man's pocket, and many women's purses as well.

That's my story of Swiss excellence for today. What's your experience with Swiss Army Knives?


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Here is a shot of my SwissChamp XLT  model. These are hard to shoot with the tools fanned out. The pruner and electrician blades are not opened but are visible in the middle of the knife.

There are more photos in this web photo album.  Photo album


Your XLT is the ultimate SAK! You did a remarkable job of getting 'most' of the blades opened for a photograph. I know what a task that can be and usually cut myself while attempting to do it on just about any SAK that is larger than a Huntsman. So, I applaud your near-success. lol

I really like your translucent ruby red scales! And, I especially like that they still allow for the pressurized ball point pen! As you know, oftentimes, when an SAK has scales that are colored anything other than the traditional red or black they do not provide the additional slot for the pen and even go on knife backwards, with the shield on the same side as the corkscrew or Phillips screwdriver.

Great looking knife, Wayne! Good to see it...and, especially good to see you! 

Cheers, my friend!

Nice Knife Wayne.   I have the champ XAVT on my wish list.

I just got a Swiss Champ after borrowing my son's off and on for the past couple years.  I love it!  I used to think they would be an awkward carry until I started carrying one and I hardly notice it's there most of the time.  My youngest son's dream knife is an XAVT!


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