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Another thread on iKC is "what is your EDC?"  You can see hundreds of great looking, often expensive knives in that thread. However I contend that the most consistently carried knife in the world, especially among non-knife nuts,  is one of these, most likely in red:

I even think among knife enthusiasts, the Classic SD (or one its derivatives)  is probably the "forgotten" EDC that is used most often.

I further contend that the 58mm pattern Vics are probably the most collected knife in WORLD.  Perhaps not in the USA but worldwide,  I think even among non-knife nuts, there are people who have  Vic Classics  collections. (It isn't a knife, its a tool kit on your key chain!)

Even people who are afraid of knives, carry Vic Classics!  And for all the Wenger fans out there,  I agree the Esquire has better scissors but it isn't as popular..   My EDC 58mm is a Midnite Manager.  I also keep an Esquire in the backpack.

What's your 58mm  EDC? (or 65mm for Wenger folks)

My Midnite Manager,  It is always there for me!

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i just started collecting them,i traded one knife for all of those ones,so new to me..lol

Thomas, Welcome to the club.  The variety of knives made by Victorinox and Wenger is absolutely phenomenal.  They truly do make a knife for just about anyone and that variety make them a true joy to collect and to use!


           I agree, I have several now, and I carry this one a lot because of its size.

That's a beauty, Ricky!

They are everywhere!

I carry the SD classic every day-extremely useful little knife-along with my case med stockman 18 pattern. Gave my daughter an SD classic-she loves it and carries it everyday.

I dont have one of the little sak's but my wife reminded me that I gave her one many years ago. Shes not a knife collector either so yup, everyone must have one. 

My second SAK was a non SD Classic and I still have it.  Probably my favorite small one is a toss up between the Evo 81 and a Minichamp. 

I have always been a mini champ fan


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