I've got a couple Wenger knives that have some rough scales that could use replacing.  I'm thinking they are about played out anyway so it is worth the gamble.


Can anyone tell me what is involved in removing and replacing the scales and how how I go about getting replacement scales.  I don't know if I want to do it for sure, but I think it might make for a nice rainy day project.


Thinking also of just making some scales to fit out of wood just for giggles but first need to know what I'm up against. Any advice would be helpful


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Well, you are going to find it tough going for scale replacement for most Wenger SAK's. The reason is the scale attachment points have changed over the years several times and there seems to be no place to buy new replacement scales.


Custom scales are another thing though. I have seen many different custom scaled Wenger SAK's over the years. Usually they are just glued onto the SAK.


Here is a web link I found about the Wenger scales and how they changed.

Wenger Scales


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