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 Years ago, around 1986,1987 time frame I had what was then called a swiss army officers knife. I haven't seen one in years. it was my first swiss army knife. it had a lot of different blades, and the belt case was full of stuff too. a mechanical pencil, paper, honing stone, pen, a few safety pins, a small compass, ect. my knife went missing while I was in Afghanistan. I have been trying to find info on replacing it.

    I need to know if the champ was the knife used in that setup or was it just the replacement for that setup.

    I would love to get as much info from as many people as possible. thanks wendell

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I was told the new version is a champ sos kit.

thanks for the help.

I checked that out and it doent have pliers mine did. thx for trying but I found it, its now being called the champ sos kit

Anthony "Tank" Meeks said:


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