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So recently I came across another set of fashion Classics from another country that I have not seen before. Therefore I thought I would share the photos of all the fashion series I have already seen. I know some have already seen most of these but perhaps you have missed some.

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Wayne, thanks for inspiring me to buy some of these at least I the ones I can find here in the states.  Any sources for these knives overseas?    I have been thinking about getting several and making a nice display.  My version of art anyway.



Well Victorinox seems to make a new 10 piece set every year with designs like these. There is a current set that can still be bought from Victorinox or their dealers but if you want some of the older ones they can be hard to find. Here is a French eBay seller that sometimes has the older ones for sale just check their listings often.

French eBay seller Prix Canon

Thanks Wayne, I have never thought of buying from them from a foreign Ebay.






White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

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