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I just recently acquired this Swiss Army knife at a estate sale for only $3!!!
I was wondering if there is a way tell the date of a Swiss knife and could someone one tell me about the style of knife I have.


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Does the screwdriver have a half stop?   If so it is post 2011.  The knife looks like a fairly recent Recruit.  The screw driver is definitely a newer style

It has a flat head screwdriver on the can opener
PS. I'm not sure what a half stop is :)

This is Tristan's knife. I just took the liberty of re-posting it in a easier means of viewing...


Half the fun of knife collecting is doing the research to discover exactly what treasures we have found. It also helps if ya know where to look. Let me point you in the right direction with a link that will take you to a veritable fountain of knowledge regarding all things either Victorinox or Wenger.

Click here: SAK Wiki

Have fun!

Does the screwdriver open smoothly from closed ot open or does it stop at the half way point when opening and closing.  After around 2011 the screwdrivers on the 84 mm (3 inch models), the screwdriver have a half stop and have a stronger back spring to help prevent accidental closing when you're using it.

It stops half way down.

Thank you all for you input.

I have a Recruit and love it!  The 84mm's really carry nicely and get the job done!

This is one I find easy to carry and use


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