I started collecting Westerns for 2 reasons:
1)I love Colorado history..I thought it was cool to have a knife with BOULDER, CO stamped on it
2)When I was about 14, I lost a knife my dad let me borrow on my ranch property in Colorado....It was a Western L66..It's still out there to this day ..I think..I was gonna buy a metal detector and try and find it..I know where abouts I lost it...Well..within a 100 yd radius anyways..unless it is disintegrated by now...heheheh

My favorite knife is the Western F39

Because to me it is beautiful :)
Western Boulder, CO F39 Black Beauty

I have most of these models in my collection
The sheaths are a different story :(
They are kinda hard to come by
Western Beauty

My fav knife, with a personal story, is my Dad's Schrade
The Old Man's Old Timer

I found it, and some other knives, at my mom's house about 3 years ago. It had been sitting for 15 years, in drawer!! Those knives are what really got me into knife COLLECTING (and knife history)
I also found my dad's hatchet.
So this is my favorite HATCHET :)
A Father's Tomahawk

True Temper The Tomahawk

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awesome reasoning and story behind your knives!!...thanks for adding a discussion also
Nice Hatchet. (Only $1.50 Each -- I'll take one!)
Hey Trent .. nice discussion !!

I located this set in an antique store in Wis Dells. The dealer had priced it @ book & then some. I just drooled a bit & let it go. 6 mo later ... it was still there .. a yr later .. it was still there .. I kept checking & about a yr & 3 months into it .. the dealer put everything on sale & I picked this up for ..

It's certainly one of my favorites !!!

I picked up the "KINFOLKS" hatchet @ a flea mkt outside/north of Boston .. got stranded over the weekend during a business trip ..
.. the family connection makes these all the more fun ..

My maternal Gdfather's
Marble's # 1 Safety Pocket Axe

Hare & Hound

Marbles Safety Pocket Axe

Mom found this amongst my G'father's belongings. I've almost sorta kinda had dubs on it for yrs now. Visited the family farm recently & asked Mom if I could get some pics of G'pa's old hatchet. She just gave it to me ...
KINFOLKS has been one of my favorite brands because of their history & the fact that when I started collecting ... these were readily available @ affordable prices.
When I 1st started collecting Kinfolk's, about 3 years ago...You could get a fixed blade WWII Kinfolks for about 15 bucks!! Great deal!!..IMHO..Now they go for like 25-30 :(

Can two knives be my very favorite one?  Anyway here they are.  Family history says that my Grandmother got this one at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis.  The tang stamp reads "Germania Cutl. Works Germany"

This one my son and daughter gave to me ten years ago as a CHRISTmas present.

I own a Western W49 Bowie, and it is NOT, I repeat, NOT for sale!

That's a good one David!

I have a sod buster engraved "Evarts" from Harlen county Kentucky, that had been sitting in the ex mayors store for the past 30 years or so. I traded for this knife from his grandson who now owns the business. Story is the mayor would have town name engraved and would give them away. Cool

David, that is so cool to get a neat knife with a story and to get the story too!


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