As I am sure you are aware Shot opened yesterday and with it came a slew of new offerings and improvements ion some of the older ones.  I will capture everything I can right here for you.  If you see something out there that I have missed PLEASE add it!  Inquiring minds want to know!!


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The Praetorian Scout will be Medford’s most affordable Praetorian to date. Built with the same D2 blade (with an S35VN upgrade available) and in the same Arizona facility as his customs, the Praetorian Scout brings down the cost with a simple liner lock and G-10 scales with a Betsy Ross flag milled in.

The new Medford 187F gets the same all-titanium upgrades as the 187. But, the flipper on this variation is shaped like a trigger, with a long pull for plenty of leverage to kick its 3-inch D2 blade out.

Medford’s 187 series, named after the thickness of its blade, was Medford’s answer for those who wanted one of his knives, but couldn’t afford the high price of his customized offerings. Made with limited options, with standardized hardware and a G10 show scale, the original 187 knives have been discontinued. But, for 2018, Medford is bringing them back, but this time with full titanium scales. This 187 knife has a four-inch, .187 inch thick D2 blade, hollow ground to a keen, hand-honed edge.

The High Impact is TOPS Knives latest large axe. The handle has a nice dogleg which should make for comfortable chopping, and the head is built from coated 1075 steel – tough enough to absorb the blows.

Happening Now

The Operator 7 was one of the more beastly knives on the TOPS table this year. With a 6.25-inch recurved blade of thick 1075 steel and a classic bowie handle design with integrated double guard, this knife is a heavyweight fighter.

For 2018, Kizer is rolling out a new line of one piece multi-tools. The first, dubbed the Crocotool, sports a chisel-ground knife, a bottle/can opener, pry tool, and several hex drivers.

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Jan Carter said:

For 2018, Kizer is rolling out a new line of one piece multi-tools. The first, dubbed the Crocotool, sports a chisel-ground knife, a bottle/can opener, pry tool, and several hex drivers.

Another never-before-seen compression lock flipper will come to Spyderco fans in the form of the Amalgam. With its 3.5-inches of cutting edge, there’s no doubt that this ball bearing flipper is a thoroughbred modern tactical folder. The refined design comes from the mind of Brian Lai.

about 21 hours ago

Another knife we didn’t see coming is the Spyderco Mantra 3. The new flipper is more than just a makeover of the Mantras 1 and 2. The overall size and profile are similar to the Mantra 1, but changes make this feel like an entirely different knife. The Mantra 3 features a compression lock instead of a framelock, carbon fiber composite scales over steel liners instead of titanium handles and S30V instead of M4 blade steel.

about 21 hours ago

Like the Techno 2, the Spyderco Brouwer is another new model that Spyderco held back from their 2018 catalog, only to reveal it on the biggest stage today. Designed by knifemaker Jerry Brouwer, the new lightweight framelock folder features half G-10 and half titanium scales and the knife hosts a 2.3-inch cutting edge. The Brower will be made in Spyderco’s Taiwan facility and sport an S30V blade. There’s no pomp and circumstance, but the Brouwer’s design combines a couple winning ingredients: simplicity and distinctiveness.

about 22 hours ago

We have a feeling that news of the new Spyderco Techno 2 will bring joy to our friend Nick Shabazz, the star of Knife Gripes. The original Techno kicked off Spyderco’s fruitful relationship with Polish knifemaker Marcin Slysz. This, their fourth design collaboration, is a variant of the first Techno, sporting a flatter sheepsfoot blade and standoffs instead of the curvy drop point and blue backspacer of the original.

All of the above come from an excellent resource KNIFENEWS is at Shot and showing us some wonderful peices. Check him out at

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