The #23 Trapper knives are coming soon.  Some parts are being made right now.  Brazilian Cherry Wood -- beefy drop point blades for two bladed #23  knives 

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These Northfield #23 Pioneer Trappers UN-X-LD Bullet Red tail jigged bone knives will be shipped out to dealer this coming week.   These look like an old Remington knife pattern.

I spotted some new production #23/23LL Trapper photos , yesterday.  (06/29/2020)

   I am sure GEC dealers are still receiving  #23LL Beaver gnawed jigged cherry-wood and #23LL Woodland micarta knives this week.   I still believe that not all of the Northfield #23 two blade red-tail jigged BULLET knives have not been sent out yet.  I check multiple times every day.   Yall can still find most of the two blade knives.   The #23LL single blade knives are in crazy demand.   "You snooze You lose !"    The Kifer SFO #23LL blue camel bone and  the CKs SFO #23LL mesquite wood knives should be finished up this week and sent out to their  dealer next week.   

The Tidioute #33 Conductor Antique Autumn wavy jigged bone knives were just released.  Some of the GEC#23LL knives are still being sent out to some the dealers this week.  Keep your eyes out for some "S" #23LL knives too.  GEC#35 Beer & Sausage knives are in production now.    No word on the Northfield #23LL Redtail jigged bone Bullet knives yet.  

Maher & Grosh released their SFO #35 knives today .   I bought the M&G SFO #35 wavy jigged yellow pick bone and the smooth Appaloosa bone knives .    

(09/15/2020)  The #35 Autumn Leaf bone B&S knives have released.    The #74 Mustang Schedule was release yesterday also.    GEC#74 Mustang Tidioute jigged bone (color/shield not announced yet)    --- Tidioute #74 Brown Burlap Micarta ---Northfield #74 Mustang Sambar Stag  ----  Northfield #74 Arizona Iron Wood     --- Contact iKC GEC dealers they might hold one for you !   

GEC must of receive some new bovine cattle bone.  GEC#23LL Northfield Redtail jigged bone "Bullet" shield knives are on the production line again being assembled.  

Great News  Great Eastern Cutlery has bovine cattle bone !  The #23LL Redtail jigged bone "Bullet" shield knives and the GEC#23LL Antique Autumn bone knives are back on the production line.  


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