This may be one of the strangest times of our lives and hopefully something we never have to live through again.

The knife community will never cease to amaze me.  I have learned over the years that something will always pop up to surprise me when I least expect it.  This time it surprised me so much I forgot a cardinal rule!  I accepted a sharp knife without giving the good man that made my day a penny.

Last week after the chat I spoke with a knife maker that has a cabin up here in our mountain town.  I had never met him and was sad to say with the social distancing so important for 2 members of my household, it probably would not happen soon.  I did however give him my address and a hope to meet him soon as we could.

Saturday our mountain with no traffic EVER seemed to turn into a major street.  I couldn't believe it!  Every time I turned around there was a car we did not know, one even turned into my driveway!  Wait, that guy is getting out...he kindly kept his distance from my husband but laid a zipper pouch on the back of my little gold truck and said "This is for that lady up there on the porch".  He turned, smiled and said Hi Jan, I am Russ and we will not stay..yelled a little introduction to his wife, we all waved and we invited him back when this is all over to visit Donnies' knife shop.  BUT I was so surprised that he had brought me one of his knives with all this going on that I forgot to give him a penny :( .

Russ, I cannot thank you enough!  Not only did you bring me a knife (and a damn fine one at that) but you brought me a smile I needed at that moment.

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Great looking knife and an even greater story. It always warms my heart when good people show up at the most needed times. The knife community is one of the greatest. 

Awesome Jan! You deserve it many times over!

Also wanted to say, I have a small basket full of pennies that I have received from people I have given knives to over the years. "I require a penny for a knife given. I take a piece of tape and put their initials on it and put it in the basket. Some initials I cant even remember but I hope they remember me giving a knife to them.

WOW the penny basket is a very cool idea and one I am going to steal!  Donnie gives away many knives and also always requires the penny. 

My basket is small, about the size of a coffee cup. Cindy wove it out of Pine Needles twenty some years ago and the pennies are the only thing that goes in that basket.

That is a very cool idea, John!

Thanks for the kind words Steve!

Penny Basket

John Kellogg said:

LOVE the basket and am looking into the info you sent.  Thank you

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