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Show us what you hope to get yourself in the Blackjack lines, past or present! Let's see some photos of your wishlist Blackjacks!

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So, I just ran into a great fellow that just happened to have a closetful of old Blackjack knives, and was willing to reserve them for me! I was absolutely thrilled that he was willing to hang onto them for me as I slowly take them off his hands. Here are some photos (borrowed from the Blackjack Info Pages) of my whishlist knives!! These will all be mine within a year, if things go well!!

2 Viking Raiders, 1500-2000 made in 1989. Photo borrowed from Blackjack Info Pages

2 Blackjack Wasp dirks! Produced in 1989. Photo by  A.P. Lombardo

Next up, 2 Blackjack Marauders. First one is the Marauder MK I A (Attack) Quite rare as they were only in production for 1 year in 1988. Photo by Tom Carey

and the Marauder MK I Photo by Tom Carey

2 Blackjack Spectors, very rare, a single run of 300 in 1990 from what I can understand. Photo borrowed from Blackjack Info Pages.

A Blackjack Valkerye. A single run of these was done in 1993, with a crinkle finish. Photos by O. J. Faust

The crinkle finish...

The Blackjack Anaconda I. The "little" 8inch blade...3-4 thousand made between 1988-89. Photo by Tom Carey

and its big brother, the Blackjack Anaconda II, 10inch blade, 2500 pieces made between 1988-91. Photo by Tom Carey

This gentleman has a few more knives available, but I think committing to these is enough for now! Perhaps I'll grab the others after these are all safely here at home with me! This should keep me happy for a bit! G'ahead...ask me if I am thrilled!!!

Are you? (I think I know the answer)

And so the draught ends. 7 months of no new knives ended today with a bang! See??

For a job this important and monumental, I had to break out the big guns! Zero Tolerance to the rescue!

Boxes within boxes?? Is there no end to the cruelty??

Lo and behold!!! *insert drumroll, trumpet fanfare and multitudes of angelic voices here* My newest addition to my Blackjack family...the Wasp! Scratch one off my wishlist, and a dry streak that I hope to never repeat again!!

Now...this one will go on the user shelf, and not in my collection, as someone (not the seller, and he gave me full disclosure about this) seems to have attempted to sharpen the one edge, and either did poorly, or simply didn't finish the job. Some minor scratches up past the bevel, and no edge to speak of at all. Good thing I am getting a sharpening system for Christmas! Other than that, a GREAT knife, solid in the hand, excellent condition (save the above) and I am pleased as punch! Happy Day!!

Merry Christmas all!!!

Congratulations Manx, its a beauty for sure and I bet you can get that thing shaving sharp on both sides in no time!

Very Nice older Blackjacks... Just picked up another myself.

Got a new Blackjack model 1-7 stag coming in the mail. Picked it up from New Graham Knifes. I'll post pics as soon as it gets here....

Not much for Stag myself, but I love the look of the 1-7's! Gotta get one of those once I finish my Wishlist...


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