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As I posted in my last discussion on Rough Rider vs CASE, I'm having issues with the thinness of some of the Rough Rider blades.

I questioned this on the Rough Rider Facebook page and was confronted by someone there that said that all the RR blades, in the traditional patterns, were 1/16".  They even tried to say that the blades in a similar CASE knife we're also 1/16".  I haven't heard anything back from them after I posted a side by side of a Rough Rider 603 and a 75 pattern CASE.

Tobias Gibson said I should check the RR298, as the blade specs appeared to indicate thicker blades.

Well, my RR298 came in today and in a quick inspection showed the blades to indeed be thicker than the 603.

While not as robust as the CASE,  it certainly appears that the, older, 298 has thicker blades than the, newer, 603.

Is this a trend that Rough Rider is following in order to keep costs down?

Anyone else notice a significant change in blades lately?

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I've always been pleased to carry a Rough Rider knife.  The 298 is a discontinued pattern that I would not hesitate to carry on a daily basis.

Perhaps I'm just getting more picked, in my old age, but I, personally, would be embarrassed to carry one of the new ones.  I'm sorry, Rough Rider, but if this is the direction that you're taking, I'm off the boat.

It was kind of humorous to see the  RR guy trying to compare the Rough Rider to a CASE, when that same comparison is what prompted my initial post.


I'd really like to have one of the carbon Stockmans, but they really need to beef back up the blades.

I certainly don't mind paying extra, for decent blades.

 Have to agree, seems the newer R.R. blades are thinner.

It's really a shame, too.

I was very lucky to find my RR323 while comparing blades.

Vaughn Devereaux said:

 Have to agree, seems the newer R.R. blades are thinner.


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