One of my favorite brands is Camillus.  The company was known as the Knife Makers' Knife Maker because of how many companies cam to them to meet production needs.  Buck, W.R. Case & Sons and Remington are just three of the big name companies who relied on Camillus for knife patterns.  Numerous stores also relied on the Camillus Factory for their cutlery needs.  Camillus made just about everything but what they are probably best known for is Military knives and Boy Scouts of America Knives.  I'm sure just about has something made by Camillus.  Here's a coupl of mine.  My Camillus Mark 2 fighting knife.   A single owner affair that was my EDC while in the Army.

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I really like the Camillus brand, but I only have two by them without counting my bullets that were made by them. I do try to buy some when I come across them.

good looking knife i love the old camilus,just the old one catches my eyes..thats tom-kay

I used to have a ton of Camillus knives of all different time periods. This is the only one I have left;

like that knife,right know down here camillus are every where...thanks tom keepen coming..

I hardly ever see any around here where I live.

Probably because they went out of business nearly twenty years ago...As such, those who have them are keeping them, knowing that they're increasing in value yearly. LOL

Billy Oneale said:

I hardly ever see any around here where I live.
Went into a country hardware store this past summer and they had four in their display case...I said to them, "didn't these guys go out of business" and the owner says "yes they did"..."so, if I buy them and something goes wrong, I won't have anyplace to send them to be fixed, right", I then reply...Instead of $360 for the four I got them for $195...The C.U.D.A Maxx Bowie folder is worth now more then what the asking price was.

What a great deal, Shlomo.

well looked around the flea market didn't find any camilluss,but did get old hobo just to put and my back pack..

This what happens when you get bored and decide to look at eBay.  At first I thought I'd just type in "knife" and see what popped up but instead I decided to type in Camillus knife and see what popped up.    What I ended up finding was something I'd probably have never bought.  A half congress with abalone scales.  At least the seller said they were  "Genuine Abalone"  I seriously doubted it because the bid was so low but decided to throw a couple bucks at it.

I figured if the  scales were real abalone, I'd get the dreaded  "You've been outbid" message right away.  Instead I got the Congratulations message and the prompt to increase my bid. I decided to continue looking and assumed I'd be outbid in the next half hour or so.    Got even more bored. and went to do something more constructive.   As I was about to log off, I got the message I had won!   I kicked myself because I've done this many times.   It was defineitly a knife I could live without.  It wasn't one of my patterns, and while I like Abalone more than pearl, it isn't something I normally buy.  I also really wasn't convinced it was genuine abalone.  I assumed I'd just bought some pretty plastic on a Camillus.  But at least it was a Camillus, and it has a sheepfoot blade.

Turns out those scales are genuine and they literally dance with iridescence.  I can see why people like abalone when i see these handles.  Much niucer that the thin slabs hidden under lucite that you see on so many knives made today.   I'm thinking this was pretty good find for $14.65.     As half congresses go, I'm tinking if you're goingto have one, it just as well be a Camillus with genuine abalone scales.

( Camillus half congress compared to the Official Boy Scout Knife.)

very nice knives and it seems you got a real good deal two toby.nice job....

Great deal you ran across, Toby. Those are great looking scales on that.

great looking knife ,


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