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A dicsussion group about knives of the Great Outdoors  needs to have an area to discuss all those fixed blades.  This will be a place to show off your fixed blades.  Doesn't matter if it for filet fish or just the knife you use around the camp fire.  Maybe its your favorite deer skinner!  Let's see it!

For years, the knife i took camping was my Camillus Mk2 Fighting knife.  But it is now in retirement.  Not because I found something better, just because it has too much sentimental meaning to have it confiscated by a park ranger or game warden or lost through stupidity.

My current camp knife is a Rough Rider 844 Burl Wood Hunter.  Why?  Because it has been getting the job done.  I've got Hunters by Bear & Son, Case and Buck that all cost more but  this one seems to get the job done better and cost half as much as the others.

The only issue I had with the knife was the strap for the sheath. It got in the way of taking the knife in and out of the sheath .  A little altering and all was fine.

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A recent acquisition - Hen & Rooster Solingen Germany

My cousin has a knife like that, Ken and he really loves it.

Western Bowie USA W49 K

I agree and am more interested that the knife is able to stand up in adverse conditions.  Knives in the outdoors are doing much more than opening boxes. Skinning, digging, fileting they all have to serve a purpose. I just look for a good solid knife that cuts, weathers well and doesn't bend or break when I am out in the field.

Anyway, i have a new Custom coming perhaps today and hope to show it off by the weekend! Tell you all about the maker and the detail!

I can't wait to see it. Yea buddy.

For those that are interested in seeing that their knives hold up under abuse, check out this passaround that our member John Keidaisch hosted with his design that was dubbed the ViKtim for the purposes of the passaround. 

The idea was to see how much abuse the knife could take, and the results speak for themselves 


Here is my copy of the viKtim, which John did a special run of 10 knives after the passaround was completed. 

I thought that after the passaround, it would be nice to do something less hard use, so I abused a cupcake with the dressed up viKtim - 



John also had an idea for a Camp/Survival Kit - I think I am the only one that bought one of these. The kit consists of a JK Combat/Survival Knife in a belt sheath that sports a small pouch designed to hold a Victorinox Farmer. 

I had my C/S modified with a clip point and a bit of extended tang for use in prying tasks -

I have used that knife quite a bit - another great piece of John's O1 



Andy, very nice knife and looks like a great user.

Great looking knife and sheath, Andy.   The Farmer is a great Vic.

I like it. Great blade design.


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