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Hello everybody-

    I'd like to introduce myself.  I'm Frank Gamble's daughter, Stacey.  There are many makers and collectors I've met, certainly many that knew him and are familiar with his work.  

    Unfortunately, my parents have both passed on now.  This leaves me with a huge amount of stuff.  Primarily, I would like to find homes for books and magazines on knifemaking and collecting that go back to when my dad started, in the 70's.

There are also supplies and knives- a great deal of which I would keep, or trade, as I'm a collector myself.

I will post things as it comes up- but if you are looking for any specific issue of Knife Didest or what have you, please feel free to ask!  I have it.

I'm also hoping people can be helpful in identifying things, particularly some materials.  I will be greatly interested to hear about some of these items.

    As always, it's great to meet you.  Knifemakers and collectors are some of the finest people I've ever met.  I was truly lucky to grow up in this world. Some kids get to go to the office with dad- I got the shop and knife shows.

I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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Stacey, post away!  We are always happy to help identify items.  I would also suggest you let Tommy Clark over at BlueRidge take a look.  He may have some buyers for you and he can certainly identify anything you may have

Hi Stacey,IHeard a lot about you from Frank. I new him pretty well. I have about 20 of his knives and he gave me instuction on grinding when he was in Fremont. I met him when he and Gayle lived in Redwood 

City. Last time Isaw Frank was his last Oregon knife show. I brought my collection to the show to show off his work.  Give me a call.Jim walker 650 279 8524

You can also send Stacey a message by going to her page and under her pic is a link to send a message

Hi there , just wondering what knives you had up for sale or trade . Thanks ,Brent 

Wonder what ever happened to this collection of books and knives.....???????????

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