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Okay, who here also collects knife picks/blade openers? I want to see them! You say "But, I don't collect them, I just have one or two." Fine, I still want to see them!

I've had a few over the years, but, only have one left. I HAVE been tempted by some of the GEC knife picks and will get one (or two, or three) sometime.

This is the only one I have left. It was made by Jim Parker for us in the early 1980's. 

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I have some and will get pics up this week

Nice Craig!

Thanks Hog! Nothin' fancy.....and man oh man, there's some fancy ones out there!!

Parker used to make them just like the one above but, of course, with "Parker Cutlery Company" on them. I don't have any of those left. 

I found out some custom knife makers make them too!!

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