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Who knows anything about the Little Valley Knife Assn???

I picked this knife up awhile back and have wondered about it. The guy I bought it from, didn't remember where he got it. It has a beautiful Stag handle and is in Mint condition. I think it must have been a club knife, but not sure. The Tang says L.V. Knife Assn   -  Little Valley   - third line is NY.  Its a whittler and a nice knife. Wish I knew more about it.

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I need to take better pics - please ignore the second pic.

Here are some better pics

I can't tell from your pictures if it is a reproduction or a complete fake.Parker had some repros done in the 90s.I'm leaning to the latter.

I am confident it is not a fake. It is to nice. I think you may be right Roger, it may be a Parker made repro for a club knife. Wish I knew for sure. If you find anything else out, please let me know.

The knife is not an original LVKA knife. I can't remember if Parker had them made or not but it is a newer knife for sure.

Yes, for sure it is not an original. Does anyone know about Parker?? Are they in Germany?

Whoever took that blurry 2nd photo out, thanks.

I think they are made in Germany, but am not sure

I know this is an old thread but I have one and am sure it is a Parker reproduction. It does say Germany on one of the blades. It is the smoothest opening and closing knife I have.

Yep another Parker repro, Below is a LVKA lockback from days gone by!!


Thanks Michael for sharing. I don't know what the blade steel is on mine but it does have the smoothest action of any knife I have. 

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