Novelty Knives come in all sorts of shapes, materials, pictures and logo's, maybe even more designs. This is a little group for those that enjoy them. Please, lets hear from ya'll and see some pictures of those great Novelty Knives.

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That's for sure Ken. I love em all.

This is my only Novelty Cutlery Co. knife (so far), but it has a favored spot. The display card tells the story for the most part. The inscription is barely readable under the celluloid, but dates the knife to the late 19th century. The button hook was probably for the buttons on ladies' gloves. It's a tiny little thing, only 2-3/4" long, definitely a pocket knife meant for a lady.

Wow, that is a fine collectable knife there, Pat.

Does a Eddie Bauer Whistle knife by Wenger count? 

Interesting knives everyone. I like the old button hook whittler Pat.

Here's an old ruler knife circa 1930s.

I love that ruler S-K!

Those are both great guys. What's that black and round thing on your ruler, Tobias.

It is a compass but it isn't magnetic .    It is used when reading maps map and plotting a course. It has h two popular map scales on the clear plastic part.  I'd rather use my Silva compass in my EDC emergency kit or the GPS in my iPhone.  LOL

We had map and chart with a slide rule sort of like that in an off shore fishing boat, years ago. It also had a large round compass near the steering wheel. We would plot a course on the map and then use the compass to follow it. Real old stuff, compared to todays electronics and GPS.

  Real neat gear box.

Ruler knife.  Another fantastic novelty knife, Smiling-Knife. 

This is a Richardz from pre-Nazi Germany. It has the statue of Liberty on one side and the Woolworth building on the other. Hitler might not have been too happy with this knife portraying Americas greats. It might be one reason they left Germany and move to England to make Richards knives. This is my favorite novelty knife.  

Very nice, Robert.


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