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This brand is almost 350 years old. Share your photos and stories of Puma Knives!

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4 Star Model 6005, 1986, Rio Jacaranda scales

4 Star Model 15-6005, 1994

Unusual version as the wood scales are dyed dark green

4 Star full size lock back Model 715, 1982

Ivory Micarta Scales, One of my personal favourites. If I could afford it I could collect nothing but Puma 4 Stars just for all the various exotic materials used for the scales. Nothing exotic about Micarta though. I just like it.

Also this model has Brass bolsters. Most of the 7xx series are nickel silver

4 Star full size lock back, Model 725, 1977, Ebony Scales

4 Star full size lock back, Model 725 BH, 1978

Here's a bit of the exotic. Scales are Cape Buffalo Horn

Seriously I just either can't find or can't afford all the various different options of scales offered over the years in what are not that many different models of Puma 4 Star knives.

Apart from the obvious Stag Antler, others include Cape Buffalo Horn, Ebony, African Black Wood, Jacaranda, Cocobolo, Rose Wood, all different colours of Micarta, Jigged Bone in various colours, Grenadil, Thuya Root and more

4 Star, Model 220-705, 2017

I normally don't buy or keep knives as recent as this one, but when it came up at the right price I just had to have those really appealing Cocobolo scales

4 Star Model 745, 1978, Really nice Stag scales

"Custom"  Model 22-9850, 1994

The Custom series are rather like a slightly scaled down 4 star.

Best info I can find says that the scales on this one are Honduras Rosewood

4 Star Model 210-745, 2018

Once again a little newer than I usually collect,but I couldn't resist the really nice Stag scales

Trail Boss, Model 975, 1982

The largest in Puma's "American Style Folder" series, and it is one big mother as far as folding knives go

Second image shows size comparison to a Buck 110

Plainsman, Model 971, 1969

Fairly scarce knife, as Puma for whatever reason changed the name from Plainsman to Game Warden in the early 1970's. Same knife and model numbers, just different name

There are a few variants, this one has clip and bone saw. As with all the two bladed versions of both Plainsman and Game Warden, there are two lock springs, one for each blade


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