We've got Steel Warrior/Frost  and now Taylor S&W.  What about all of those unknown brands and  Unbranded knives out there.  Many say China Stainless,  or just Stainless,  Rostfrei, Inox, or nothing at all.   Or maybe you have a knife with a brand name you're not sure of and would like to know who actually owns the TM and is the brand worth the money (Rite Edge, Fury, Maxam, etc.)  We all got 'em, lets see some of them and hear what you think about them.

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Hey Billy,

Would you say the quality of this knife is comparable to Rough Riders.  Iy looks like it came from the same factory as the Rough Riders and Marbles 5 in toothpicks.

Billy Oneale said:

 Here is a Cat Eye 5" toothpick. This is done in a striped Pearl. I'm not sure how they did this, but it makes an interesting handle.

Toby, I think the Cat Eye brand is a SMKW brand. It is the same quality as a RR or Marbles. It's probably made in the same factory. I have not used this, so I couldn't tell you how well the handles are glued on. Everything else on the build is nicely done, especially for a $12.00 knife.


I have never seen that Cat's eye before.  I truly like that handle material.  It makes for an excellent looking toothpick.  Reminds me of the old candy stripes but much more subtle and I tend to like the more pleasantly understated materials

Here are some odd brands that I   bought from the Saturday Night Knife and Gun show/ Hobby TV. These were a Brand called Troublesome Creek. 


Are they corelon handles?

No, just composition handles. The only true corelon handles that I have seen are on the Michael Prater NKCA knives, Case/Frost knives and Hen and Rooster. Michael Prater is the one who came up with Corelon.

Well I like them both anyway!

So do I, Jan. That's why I bought them, plus only being around $10.00 helped also.

Here's some M-Tech knives that I have.

old  M tech knife....

The one with the dice is neat.


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