The economy sucks, the ocean's filling up with crude oil, unemployment is way too high, if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all, .........  Time for some fun!!!

I've been talking about this for a while and I think it's about time to name the "Beaver" on the Beaver Tail Pattern knives.  Here's how it's gonna work.

Starting today, you can submit your suggestion for a name for the Beaver on the Beaver Tail Pattern knives.  Let's take name submissions for the next couple of weeks.  Somewhere around the end of June I'll put the names up on a survey and anyone and everyone can vote to determine the most popular name.  So to enter your name suggestion, just post a 'comment' to this entry.

It's gonna be impossible to determine a "winner" as a couple of you have already submitted names, some of you will no doubt submit the same suggestion for a name, a couple of you will no doubt to try to 'game' the system with subtle variations of a name (i.e. greg, gregg, ggregg, etc) Sooooo, how a bout we have a random drawing at the end of the contest for a couple caps or T's?

Now, understand, this contest is done without the consent, approval, endorsement or any acknowldgement from Great Eastern Cutlery, BUT, when we determine a 'most popular' name, I will personally lobby Great Eastern to recognize the name as being his (or it could be a her????) generally accepted name.  (and you know what, if GEC won't accept it, it won't matter because we'll all know in our hearts what his/her real name is)  This is a chance to leave our mark in knife collecting history by creating a name for the Beaver that will be on the lips of collectors for generations to come. 

So relax, let's have a little fun.

My suggestion:  Willard (or was that a rat in a movie?)
FOLLOW TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE...have some fun with this!!!!  Seeing new names pop up every day

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Posted by Greg at 7/4/2010 7:11 AM
Categories: Contests and Drawings

Here it is. The voting has been tabulated, counted and totaled. I still have to go through the certification process to make it officially official (my wife's gonia double check me). But I am absolutely 100% confident that I can announce that CHRISTINE has been overwhelmingly chosen as the name recognized and used by Great Eastern Cutlery collectors and users (literally) around the world as official name of the GEC Beaver Tail Beaver!!!

I think the fact that Steve submitted the name with the intent of hoping to give recognition to a dedicated GEC employee is commendable. For all of you that have had the pleasure of chatting with Christine (aka Chris), know what a great person she is. Chris is the 'voice' that most often represents Great Eastern Cutlery and she does a great job of it. Steve, thanks.

As promised, there's a reward in this for Steve and I guess it's time to let him know what he's won. Steve, you're getting an autographed copy of David Anthony's new book that will be released at the Great Eastern Cutlery Rendezous coming up in a few short weeks. I'm also going to try to have Christine sign the book for you as well. It'll be after the Rendezvous that I get the books and it'll probably be the end of July before I can get it off to you but have patience.

So here's how it all broke down........

Up till July 2nd there was a heated race between Betty Beaver and Christine. Max had a great effort going forward to promote Betty but I don't think he had the heart to strong arm the vote when he saw Christine as a more then viable contender. In fact, I believe we saw Max hand over an endorsement to Steve's Christine. Most honorable of him. As a result, I think Max deserves and will receive a TSA Knives cap. (We'll see if he has enough courage to wear that on his next night out on the town!!)

On Saturday the 3rd a clear trend broke toward Christine and by mid afternoon, there was no looking back. Christine gnawed her way into a solid lead and finished with 39% of the vote over Betty Beaver's 28% with over 100 votes cast. I'd say she buried Betty under a pile of chips but it was a tight race to the end. In fact, just a few days ago Betty still carried the lead.

To sum it all up, this has been a blast. When I dreamed this up I hoped there might be a handful of you willing to indulge my attempt at a little fun. I figured there might be 30 or 40 votes cast and that was fine becuase it was just meant to be fun. But to end up with the good hearted exchanges we've had and the voter turnout we saw.... I'm really gratified. The generous comments that have been made about the contest confirm what I set out to achieve, we all had a lot of fun.

Now, .....Tuesday morning I intend to:
Send an official letter to Christine announcing our endorsement of the name
Let it be known to the powers that be within Great Eastern Cutlery that going forward, there's a HUGE contigency of GEC fans that will refer to the Beaver Tail Beaver as Christine
and finally, start thinking about what we might do next!!!
Thanks all!!! You're the best.

Ok guys,

I am not the best at Photoshop and still have a week before we begin the Journey from Fl to Pa. This is my purposed facepage for the book to Christine. Anyone want to try another version?

Jan, I think that's just great!
Very, very nice.

I hope you can take a picture to share when you present the book to Chris.
I know I'd sure like to be there.
Pictures are a promise

     I just found this new picture on the web and it is too cute not to share.    GEC#23 Pioneer Trapper Beaver gnawed jigged cherry wood two blade knife.  

This makes me very happy that they have revived the BT but sad that it was the set of knives I had to sell a few years back


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