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I joined on Friday and I've been using my iPad. The browsing and refreshing was painfully slow. I am now on my laptop and this forum is now a breeze to flow through.


Odd, since the drum forum, and every other page I visited all weekend, didn't have a problem with speed or anything.


Anyone else notice this?



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No easy answers, Steve. Don't know beans about IOS. After Android 4.0, flash hasn't been native on Android devices.

Hope this solution works for you, Steve! So far so good!

Right you are JJ. Seems like you really have to find your own solution nowadays. However complicated that might be!

Manx, some good news getting the hang of copying and pasting as well!! Have to say it is a lot of fun.

Great to hear! I'm still playing with my new Android tablet, but it's so much like my phone, it hasn't been too much trouble. Wish I could help with the iPad, but an Apple guy I am not.

Manx, what browsers and plugins do you use to view iKC?

I am using Dolphin Browser for internet right now, and I also have Chrome installed. No plug ins for Dolphin right now...still deciding between the two.

My Galaxy acts just like the site and always has.  Except chat, I have to use the full size

Dolphin will not support flash. Also it doesn't show the upload bar in the discussions. Chrome shows the bar automatically on my tablet, but only when I request desktop view on the phone.
Still looking for a viable workaround...

Yeah...Dolphin has a setting to always request desktop sites. Seems Chrome has to be selected for Desktop view every time.

Correct on Dolphin, I looked at that too but lack of flash support a big issue. On my wish list for Puffin is an integrated spell checker. Yes I won a spelling bee in 5th Grade, but it has been a long time.

laptop is best, but ipad is bearable...

It works pretty well  with Puffin as my browser. Some issues with chat it appears as that lag's a bit. Might be the delay in hitting Puffins systems. But responding in text and posting pics all is good. It does come with a cost..99!

Terry Ray said:

laptop is best, but ipad is bearable...

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