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Cherry and I want to than our iKC family which has grown to mean more than we ever would have thought! Thank you for the prayers and concerns , Yes the heart attack is not a good thing. 

Iam better feel much better still a little weak, if you had knives coming your way, they are ... in the mail

thanks for the understanding I drove doctors ,cherry and nurses crazy telling them I had knives to ship.

Im home and resting , taking it easy. 

Thanks so much !  

Terry and Cherry Ray

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Glad to hear you're feeling better, Terry! Rest up and relax some, and listen to the nice medical folks a d Cherry. Don't make me work you over with a week old perch like I did with Indian!!

Take care.

Just good to see you back on.  Do as Manx says, I hear that perch is rough

Glad you are feeling better Terry.  You and Cherry are still in my prayers.

great to see you post, you bet you both are in my prayers and hope you get back soon!

Glad you're better Terry. We were all concerned. Hope everything continues to go well.

So glad you are feeling better Terry - Thank God.

Glad to hear that you are better.  Take it easy for a while.  Isn't it good to know that we serve a Mighty God who answers prayer.

AMEN, David!

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