Located in Flatrock IL.  Jeff states he is a custom made knives/ collector's pocket knives.  Please view his knives both here and on his own page

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Hope you all like my custom knives that I make out in my little 12'X16' shop. I recently retired this year so plan to enjoy myself making a few knives for locals, friends, family, and who ever else might like one. Thanks Jan for a wonderful website.

This is a knife I made for my cousin. He actually designed the blade himself. It is 1095 carbon steel. Handle is made from osage orange and water buffalo horn.

These are some skinning knives I made for one customer. He was giving them to his hunting buddies before they went on a big hunt out in Colorado I think. Once again 1095 carbon steel blades and osage and water buffalo horn make up the handles. There was actually nine of these that he bought.

This is a knife I made for a good friend of mine. The blade has a little bit wider belly to it as he requested. Kind of like a Nessmuk design really. 1095 carbon steel and the handle material is cocobolo and synthetic ivory.

This one is a very small skinner that I made for a fellow who actually designed the blade. Blade is made from 1095 carbon steel and handle is osage orange and water buffalo horn. Blade is hand sanded to only 300 grit as he requested.

Looking good there Jeff!

That wide belly is just awesome!

This is a file knife I made and it ended up going to Colorado to a very nice fellow. The file is a old bastard rasp. I annealed it in my fire ring during one of our evening's sitting around the fire. This is my first knife from a file. It worked out pretty good. The handle is brown burlap micarta.

This is a custom butcher knife I made for another cousin. He is going to give it to his son for Christmas. 1095 carbon steel and osage and water buffalo horn make up the handle. The blade has a forced patina on it with some added stripes in the patina.

Yet another family member. This is for another cousin of mine who wanted a butcher knife to carry during his reenactments that he participates in. The handle we designed a little different than probably what they were like back in the early 1800's but what the heck! Osage orange make up the handle and 1095 carbon steel make up the blade. The knife is 12 inches long. Forced patina on the blade.

This is a skinning knife I made for my niece's boyfriend. He is a big coon hunter and was wanting a better skinner. It is a bigger bellied skinning knife. 1095 carbon steel blade and a deer antler handle.

This young man is a big deer hunter and asked if I could make him a skinner with a antler handle. This is what I came up with. 1095 carbon steel blade and deer antler for the handle.

Nice knives


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