We have a great group "EDC Club" and has a lot of good topics, but no place really to post your EDC. And you have to be a member of that club to post on that group. I have been using a couple of posts in that group for my EDC's but does not relate to the topic.

SO - how about an ongoing Discussion with pictures of what you are carrying today?.

What are your favorite EDC's?   What is your EDC lineup?

This will be for all IKC members, not just members of the EDC group.

So Post those Everyday Carrys and show us what you are carrying today.

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I love the way old wood has aged.

Yes, Robert, on a knife, it really holds up well also.

Today I am carrying my John 3:16 Stockman

And this one:

Those are real beauties Alex, thanks for posting them.

Today I am carrying my new "Surprise" Owl Head Stockman

Something bigger and "tactical" and something small and elegant today:

Today I was packin' this big guy...

2008 GEC Northfield #23 Smooth Banana Peel 50 pcs. serialized 15 pcs. no serial number. This particular Northfield has the number 7 etched on its front bolster and had been stored submerged in oil, hence the beautiful brownish bone handle. As with most #23's it is a nail breaker of the highest order! The backspring on this guy will snap a nail in a heartbeat! Today was the first time in about a year that it saw some pocket time. It's a big beautiful knife, but it's entirely too hard to open.

Great carrys guys. Today I am carrying my Case Canoe

ZT0560 & Queen #25 Razor Barlow

Nice Brad, the way those ZT560's open is really cool. Played around with one last year. Excellent knife.

Taking out to the farm today - my Case Caliber

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