We have a great group "EDC Club" and has a lot of good topics, but no place really to post your EDC. And you have to be a member of that club to post on that group. I have been using a couple of posts in that group for my EDC's but does not relate to the topic.

SO - how about an ongoing Discussion with pictures of what you are carrying today?.

What are your favorite EDC's?   What is your EDC lineup?

This will be for all IKC members, not just members of the EDC group.

So Post those Everyday Carrys and show us what you are carrying today.

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Don't know how I have been missing this discussion.  There are some great knives here.  Ken, back in September you posted your "today" carry as the Buck 110.  It looks like an older model, and I hated that older model.  It had that "fat" part just behind the edge that made it impossible for me to sharpen.  Back then, I didn't know about convex edge sharpening technique that probably would have worked on the old 110s.  Carried it for years, and sharpened it (bench stone) way back - not from use-sharpening, but from ignorance-sharpening.

Anyway, here is what I am carrying today, and every day for the last month:

Blackbird SK-5, designed by Paul Scheiter [Hedgehog Leatherworks], and made by Ontario, full tang.  Blade is 5" of 154 CM.

Howard, that Blackbird is nice.

Carried out to the farm this morning: Colt 2 pc Fixed blade

Nice set of knives, Ken.  The piggyback sets are very handy, and two knives in the same sheath give you lots of utility without the bulk of carrying two separate knives.

It was a hard choice today, was so tempted to carry that Queen Mountain Man. Need a sheath for it or maybe make a way to hang on my belt.

By the way my Two Blade Kutmaster

Carrying today: a RR Mini Trapper

Hope you meet up with a stick somewhere along the way today to carve.  I'd suggest a muskrat, but it is a bit cold for that.

Carrying out to the farm today: a Red Bone RR Camper

My Knife Gallery gift card has been redeemed for this Victorinox "Rescue Tool". On my belt, in it's sheath.

Carrying to Church today: Case Mini Trapper

Today iam carrying my schatt/Morgan 2 blade Sowbelly Jack

Good looking Mini Trapper, Ken.  It looks like it has been in plenty of pants pockets, and still looks "loved".

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