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Brings a new meaning to "Fair Game".

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Got friends down in Florida loading up the supply trucks with some really fresh "Found" supplies.

Good morning! What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000.

We added a "Little Red Riding-Hood" special today.
Big Bad Wolf on whole wheat bread, with pepper-jack cheese and horseradish sauce.
(For a limited time only...)

Wonder if the feller in the picture is a midget or something?
gonna take a lot of tabasco to help me eat that thing....

We got that...
Wow..I got dogs almost that size...white though and would go better on a big biscuit...with a lot of gravy.

We're gettin the grill fired up for the party...

Yeah I've barbecued something like that before!
Miss Maude said that she'd cook a "Traditional" New Years dinner, this year.
We decided to give Bubba the day off.

Served all day long.
Happy New Year.
New member just showed up the other day with this photo.
Wonder if he'd share his recipe ?


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