Every quarter we name our featured members.  How do you become one?  

Posting.  Better yet posting something you will see comments from.  Basically, being active.  At the end of every year we look over the members that have achieved that status over the year and where they are in the featured members line up month by month.

Our Featured Member of 2016 was not only featured almost every month (at or near the top), he contributed to our knowledge base consistently.  He is regularly posting in the Knife Repair, Modification, Restoration & Improvement Group, the  KNIFE MAKING BEGINNERS and now also a regular contributor to the newest group Tools for knife enthusiasts.  As if that is not enough, he contibutes to the forum and blogs also.

A man that balances his love of collecting and his skill to learn to the next level and brought us along on the journey.  Thank you D ale, for all you do to make iKC The Best Knife Site on the web!


This is the one time of year I get to tailor the gift to the member.  For D ale, we have chosen a gift certificate to Jantz Knife Supply!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy your postings!!

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Congrats Dale! Great Job!

Congratulations D ale!

D ale

Congrats you were also the first to provide  a good tip to a new member.

Congrats, D ale !!

Fantastic D ale, a great choice, I always read his coments even if I dont coment back. 

Congratulations Dale!

It was a GREAT mail day for me yesterday.

Two knives .. a full color JANTZ catalog ..&.. a gift certificate good for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING in said catalog.

WOWZA .. did I have a good day !!!

The round keyring knife .. was a bust.

Blade steel is not that great .. spring is weak .. more on that later.


The small OTF .. was purchased for the frame & mechanism. The blade steel ..well.. a std (cheap ..so, perhaps.. sub-std) needle file readily gouges any blade surface to which it is applied. Need I say more ? It was purchased for the parts.


The full color JANTZ catalog.

Visualize .. proverbial kid in candy store.

I would submit .. in house for under 24 hrs ..&.. note the frayed edges & corners.

It didn't arrive that way.

And .. full color .. that's just plain cheating !!!


It seems, I'm stuck in the blade blanks section .. go figure.

D2 tempered to a 60 +/- 1 HRC is looking pretty interesting !!!


I'll see you in the "Repair & Mod" group.


Thanks all.

D ale


LOL I just adore a well loved catalog!  Enjoy and Thank you

Congratulations Dale!!!!Post up Pic's of your Order from Jantz (One of My Favorite Knife Supply Companies)

Aha .. the Jantz order came today.

A pattern 33 blade blank in D2 tempered to a 60 +/- 1 HRC.

Jantz specs the finish as "peened".

It looks like it came out of an acid bath to me .. a very fine sand blasted finish.

Also, a sheet of black paper micarta .. 0.375" (3/8) X 1.5" X 10".

I'm considering making a 3/8" thick bolster out of micarta .. maybe.


I'll post the build over in the Repair & Mod group.

!!! .. This will be fun .. !!!


Thank you, all.



D ale

OH MY, I like the look of this one!

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