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I have seen advertised knives from the Franklin Mint 1989 Collection that the owner swears are made by Boker.

The knives are marked on one side: Solingen, W.Germany and on the other 89FR.

I have never known Boker to use the W.Germany marking but only Germany.

I know that the Franklin Mint is known for pretty knives but not the quality of a German made Boker.

Anyone have any information one way or the other about this?


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Still about the same: $40-$60 range each knife.


WELCOME! When your taking about value, it changes so rapidly these days that no one writes a book on it anymore.  Easiest way is to find what has sold recently and when your talking about a set, thats not easy.  This is what I found

2014 sale

value 1 year ago for a partial set

value in 2018 for partial set

as you can see they are all over the place.  I would throw out the 2018 winning bid as unrealistic, they buyer got lucky. 

I have just inherited from my brother, a bunch of impressive looking knives and the complete (framed 12 knives) of the Franklin Mint 1989 Knife Collection Made by Boker which has been in storage for the last 30 years. While most of them are beautiful, these are not something I want in my house, so would like to sell them. I need to value them, but other than the collection, have not been able to identify them. Knowing my brother, I have a feeling these are not "cheap" knives. 

Any suggestions on the best way to do find out what they are.

When new, this set also came with a pamphlet describing each knife in the set. I recently acquired one of the pamphlets. It is at my other house, but I will retrieve it tomorrow and scan it for all to see. It does not contain pricing information, but it does contain a description of all 12 knives.

Hello Ricky. I have al the information from the knives, also the keys from the boxes.
Thanks for the repley.


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