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Jigged Buffalo Horn

Worm Groove Moss Brown

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Two more winners!

Thanks Dennis! :-)

Ever since Craig posted his in January, have been on the hunt for a stars and stripes shield pony.  Finally, snagged one.  It's from a 2003 Stars and Stripes Mint set, number 243 of 250.  Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Way cool, Dennis.

Thanks J.J. and John.  And, fortunately, it didn't cost me an arm and a leg ... which is sometimes the case when you are "really" looking for something that's hard to find!!!!  Got another that should be inbound soon, a 2014 2nd Cut Crimson Bone.  But ... that was an impulse buy that I hope I like!!!

Nice horses guys, can't wait to see that incoming Crimson Bone Dennis. I have a 2014 Russlock in that same handle material/color but not on a Seahorse, (yet). I really like Craig's Stag Damascus too, but I got sticker shock just from looking at that one.

Craig those are a couple of beauties!

Dennis, Super find there! Jigging looks exceptional!

Sweet ones, guys.

Arrived today ... 2014 with 2nd cut crimson bone covers.  While not my favorite ... she's is growing on me in the short time I've had her!  

She is pretty stunning Dennis!

That knife is stunning Dennis! Craig, yours is very nice too but to my eye Dennis' is truly spectacular; nice find.

Thanks ... it's still growing on me!  Couldn't tell much from the picture I saw of it before I bought it, but was hoping it would be a little darker in color.  On another note, I do believe I will like the next pony en route.  Have been looking and looking for one of last year's prime vintage stags.  Lot of them out there, but I'm particular when it comes to wood and stag.  I really prefer both sides of the slabs to be similar.  Think I found one that fits the bill!


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