NEW!! ~ Tuna Valley Cutlery Co. Cotton King. This knife has great Ebony Wood Handles and sports a Nickle Pinned Crest Shield. It also comes with Nickle Silver Bolsters and Brass Pins. The Huge Cotton Sampler Blade is made of 1095 High Carbon Steel with a deep cut swedge and a long pull. The overall closed length is 4 1/2 inches. The knife comes with the Daniels Family Knives signature tube packaging, black velvet pouch, & Certificate of Authentication. The production is limited to 50 pieces

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That is wonderful!  Glad you had a good experience buying from Courtney.  She is one of my favorite people in the knife community.  I have always wanted a cotton sampler but it was one of the "one off patterns" we were interested in.  (this week we will have three) 

Great job on the pics, very clear and show off the beauty of the knife.  Goodness I cant wait to get ours.

Thank you kindly JJ, Ron "Tuna", Steve "Hog", and Jan for the comments and likes. It is a great  looking Cotton Sampler.  I'm most impressed with the work that went into forming the blade and the solid feel.  I went back and double checked my Samplers and the Ka-Bar CS  (Union CP 92)  at 4 3/4 in. closed is just a smidge larger than the King Cotton.   In any case, the King Cotton makes a real handful of a knife.  I suspect that if  I were to carry it, that it would need to ride in my back pocket LOL.     I'm thinking that you will really enjoy your new new knives when they arrive Jan.  Best regards

i wanna pull the trigger on this beauty...its my most favorite unuesd pattern....i dont sample cotton yet i have about 30 of these in a drawer...along with hawkbills and maize knives and the good ole big fatty ROPE KNIFE{im hoping to see!}

do any of ya fellaz have vintage pieces like this and if so,how does this knife compare? im addicted to the vintage in this pattern...i once owned the corn cob Schatt Sampler ...loved it...traded it though.... anyway just looking for feedback on your new vs the old.... thanx!... i have a Southington,shaped the same....will take your fingers off...how is the snap!?


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